Day Care and Its Impact on a Child’s Development

Impact of Day Care: Find here how day care impact on overall child development process.

While parents are usually the best caregivers for their children, certain circumstances, especially their jobs, make it necessary for them to seek part-time or full-time day care services.In fact, inpresent times, day care services are much more than a mere drop-off location for working parents. They provide a valuable support to the families where parents want their kids to have the best care and access to quality education.Over the years, the number of daycare centres, and people opting for them has increased dramatically.Now most parents are convinced that a kids’ daycare helps in an overall development of their child, but there are few who have their doubts. So, whether you belong to the former or latter category, it’s important you understand how a daycare impacts the growth and development of your child.

Numerous studies have been conducted to understand the impact of a kids’ daycare on a child’s development, and the results have been nothing but positive. There are various factors that define the impact, such as the amount of time a child spends in a daycare, overall quality of the centre and the provider’s investment in the child’s care. All these factors clubbed together influence many aspects of development- including school readiness, language development, social skills, behavioural adjustment and memory, to name a few. These developments also depend upon the choice of daycare centres - a high-quality daycare with all amenities and daycare activities or one with limited resources and teaching aids. The studies have shown that the children who were in best daycare centres were more likely to have higher cognitive academic achievement at the age of 15. The high-quality daycare centres are also linked to making your child less notorious in the growing years. At quality centres, the children are exposed to adult language, which makes them sensitive and responsive to day-to-daysituations. This is a positive development because it reflects the interaction and stimulation between a child and a caregiver that’s provided at a quality daycare.

There are a number of daycares in and around Gurgaon but choosing the best daycare will leave a positive impact on your child’s growth and development. So, it’s important for parents to consider the above-mentioned factors before choosing a daycare for their kids.

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