Develop your child’s attention span

“Come back here and finish this…..puhleeezzz!” - does this sound familiar? If yes, then you are at the right place. As mothers, everyone struggles with making their toddler sit down and focus on one single task. The situation becomes grave especially when your child doesn’t even sit down for a short period in the playschool. So how does one resolve this problem? Does it resolve by itself over time? While some children will outgrow the need to fidget, constantly being on the move, some will need help. With the help of our preschool teachers, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks (yes, tricks!) to help children focus or concentrate.

A fixed time for a fixed task - Playschools familiarise children with a timetable.This helps them know what it is they are supposed to be doing and what’s coming next. The same thing when reinforced in the house helps inculcate a habit of following a schedule.

Start small – Keep things small, this allows a child to finish and feel a sense of satisfaction that further propels him or her to tackle another task.

Keep away distractions -Keep the room that you use as study, very minimalist in terms of items, with no flashy objects or toys. If, for example, you use the dining table as the study table or study area, then request people to not enter the room at the time of study. A slight change in the environment and you’ve lost your fidgety toddler! This rule needs to be applied at a microscopic level. An example – All the tables in nursery school are bare - there are no cute erasers; this is because kids then intentionally make mistakes just to get an opportunity to use erasers.

Be mindful of the overall energy levels – Focusing requires energy, therefore be sure that your child has the energy to do so.Most daycare centres schedule a small nap to boost energy levels in the afternoon.

Incentives – Finally let’s admit we all need some incentive to tackle a task that we are not that fond of. So think of something that would interest a child. A bicycle ride after finishing maths or maybe a story after some alphabet writing; get creative with your toddler and watch their attention span increase!

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