Engaging Children during the Summers

Are you wondering how to keep your kids busy during the summer holidays? Are you praying diligently for these 40 odd days to end or the schools to open a bit early so you may avoid listening to “Mamma I am sooooo bored….”

Most children attend a variety of summer camps organised by daycare centres, nursery schools and/or playschools. If however, you both are at home during this time, then we, at St Xavier’s Blessings preschool and daycare in DLF phase 4 Gurugram have come up with a list of simple activities that can help engage your children and also bond with them.

Chess or yoga – You don’t have to master it but you just have to do it together. Who knows, in time both of you might master it. But till then think of the fun you would have doing it together.

Pool time summer - A little fun in the swimming pool goes a long way in tiring out your little one and also helps them overcome their fear of water. Take a small ball, play some water games and soon you will have a water baby!

Have a play party - Clear out your expensive showpieces, spread out a rug and invite their friends.Add some toys and you will have a lovely play party. When kids have company they can entertain themselves for hours without needing much.

Craft a craft gig - Get a box of craft supplies and see where the day takes you. You don’t have to make anything specific; let your child’s imagination guide you. You can easily bring out your your inner Picassowith a stack of blank papers and a box of water colours.

Summer special movie time - There are many classic Disney movies that you would remember from your childhood. It is time to introduce those to your little one. Some popcorn, a couple of movies and your little one is on his or her way to having their own list of favourite movies.

Choose any activity or make up your own, because before you know it summers will be over and you will miss spending time with your angel. Summer is the best time to engage with your child!

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