Good Practices for a Happy Home

We at St Xavier’s Blessings school believe that happy homes make happy children. We also believe in a few good practices for a happy home, because… who doesn’t love happy children! While every parenting style is different and one style isn’t superior thanthe other, we do believe that as one of the premier playschools in DLF phase 4 Gurugram we can share with you some good practices that can increase the happiness quotient in your house.

Have a family activity – there should be one activity that involves you all and is limited to you all; a special thing that is just yours. This could be as simple as taking a late night drive to India Gate for an ice-cream or playing a board game.

Eat together – Meals are a trying time for most moms and yes, it is frustrating to see a toddler refuse every bite, but do sit at the table with your own meals at the same time, watching you and your husband eat will let your young one know that this is food time. Watching you both interact will also teach your child to share about their day. Going forward, this will instil a need to share, which in teenage years will be a real blessing!

Practice what you preach – A toddler may, at times, not understand you but she/he can always see you, so do as you say. If you say colas are bad for health, then you yourself can not be seen chugging down aerated drinks! This might seem hard but it will make your child respect you and always believe you. So, follow your own rules!

Read ReadRead– Reading has many benefits and explaining those calls for a full blog post butin short, it creates lovely memories and can be a cherished everyday routine. Imagine if your child can pick up an old children’s classic and say my mom’s lion roar was the best or my dad’s big bad wolf was so real!

We hope that this list can help you in some small way to become a more close knit family. After all happy homes raise happy kids.

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