Early Years: The Most Important and Impactful Years

Know about the Early Years here, a baby’s brain has all that it needs for the future. The connections or the ability to use the brain is what needs to be developed.

Many a leading research magazine has extolled the importance of early childhood education. That’s because, at birth, a baby’s brain is about a quarter of the size of the average adult brain, it doubles in size in the first year, it keeps growing to about 80% of adult size by age 3 and 90% – nearly full grown – by age 5. Since the early years are the years of brain development, the daycare centre or playschool or nursery that you choose for your child must be of high calibre. The bar has to be set high from the start. So you can no longer think that the playschool near me is the chosen one!

 A baby’s brain has all that it needs for the future.The connections or the ability to use the brain is what needs to be developed. Hence, the pedagogy followed by the preschool must be one that takes into account the various skills a child needs to develop in order to function as an independent, socially confident and wholesome human being.

The question at this point that all parents ask of a preschool is, is it really possible to teach a child in nursery? Yes, it is. If the learning is not learning but play it most definitely is. Children learn by watching, some by doing and some by listening. It is this uniqueness of children that a playschool must capitalise on and ensure that they reach each and every child in their care. For this it is important for a playschool to train its teachers.

The Principal of the newly opened branch of St Xavier’s Blessings school at Galleria in Gurugram opines, “Preschool teacher is the first teacher a child has. Hence, they need to be trained so meticulously and intensely that a child doesn’t realise he has teacher but rather a playmate. St. Xavier’s playschool in DLF phase 4 Gurugram has developed a curriculum that helps in creating a sound foundation in the early years of your child’s education. After all every tall tree needs strong roots.”

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