What is The Best Age for Kids to Start Daycare?

Parents don’t always have the luxury to wait to enrol their kids to a daycare because of work commitments and other obligations. But they need to understand that starting your child too early in a daycare might increase infant stress level, which will affect their mental development.As per recent studies, the right age to enrol a kid to a daycare is post 12 months. By the age of 12 months, children start making leaps in their language, and social and motor skills. They have also passed through their first wave of separation anxiety, which kind of indicates that they are ready to meet the world. Having said that, toddlers still have babylike qualities and some might even demand his/her parent’s constant looking after and face difficulty with separation.Though studies showthatearly toddlerhood is a good enough kid’s daycare age, the first few days, and weeks might be difficult, for both kids and parents.So, it is important for parents to understand that it will get better with time and the child will get through it.

While we have discussed the right age for a kid to join daycare, we must not forget the fact that the kid’s adjustment is also dependent on the school they attend, how long they stay there and their learning ability. A child’s learning ability largely depends upon how stressed they naturally are.It is found that the kids who are naturally calm and easy-going have an easier adjustment than their more anxious peers.So, babies need their time to develop an attachment to the new surroundings and trust their caregiver. They also need a safe and clean environment to be able to explore the world around them. So, it’s up to the parents to choose the right daycare for their kids. The place that offers clean and hygienic amenities, has experienced caregivers, has more scope of learning and has a well-maintained child is to caregiver ratio.

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