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Do you know the differences between preschool and daycare School? Here St.Xaviers Blessings brief you the difference and its need in children life.

What is The Difference BetweenPreschooland DaycareSchool?

The terms preschool and daycare are used interchangeably among parents and teachers. While most institutions offer both programs in the same setting, in general, a daycare offers care to children from 6 weeks to 12 years, whereas a preschool typically admits children from 2.5 to 5 years of age.

A preschool, also called nursery school and kindergarten in India focuses on providing care, as well as opportunities for play and socializing.It is an educational establishment that offers early childhood education. It also offers curriculum and assessments so that the teachers are aware about the strengths and weaknesses of children.

On the other hand, a daycareoffers a child watching service for the working parents. These full-time care centres focus on feeding children, story-telling, putting them to sleep and making them play for some time.

Detailed Overview of Preschool and Daycare School

Preschool: Detailed Overview

Children who have moved beyond toddlerhood, but aren’t old enough for kindergarten or first grade are admitted to a preschool. The school provides a foundation for elementary school and a smooth transition to the formal schooling by following similar schedules and teaching philosophies, closing on holidays and during summer. Older toddlers experience more structured education at preschool.

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Teachers incorporate games and activities to build academic and social skills – counting, letter recognition and writing. Children’s brains are growing rapidly at this age, therefore engaging them in various activities and lessons at preschool reaps great benefit once they enter the first grade.

Daycare: Detailed Overview

Daycare school is typically for younger children, who are away from their home for five to eight hours and need full-time care. Some older children also go to daycareafter school hours, while their parents are away for work. Rather than offering formal education, Daycare centres are more focussed towards providing a safe environment for children, where they can eat, sleep and play. These are a more convenient choice for working parents as the school remains open for long hours, even during holidays.

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Preschools and daycare are children’s stepping stone towards the regular social interactions. They prepare them for formal schooling and getting used to staying away for home. Therefore, parents must choose an institution that keeps their child happy in a safe and protected environment. To ensure that the kid is in good hands, it is important that the parents visit the facility before-hand, interact with the teachers and get reviews from the fellow parents.

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